About me

My name is Teresa Kazimierczak.

I am a versatile artist specializing in painting, drawing, 3D modeling, and creating figurines from clay. My works are featured in numerous private collections, reflecting their unique and artistic value.

I honed my skills at the Faculty of Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow, where I studied art education. I also hold professional titles as a restorer of architectural monuments and a clothing technologist, allowing me to combine knowledge from various fields in my creative work.

In my artistic practice, I love creating abstract compositions and fantasy characters that transport viewers into a world of imagination. However, I am also adept at realistic art – I can capture details and precision in my works, demonstrating my versatility.

I draw inspiration from the surrounding world, fantasy literature, and my own thoughts and emotions. Each of my works tells a unique story that I strive to convey to the audience.

Why do I draw

I draw, because I don’t want all the ideas, pictures and emotions that sit in my head to disappear forever. Sometimes the act of painting is more important to me than the content which is being created. By drawing, I want to let you experience not only what’s being shown in my pictures, but also something that comes straight out of your subconsciousness when looking at my art.

For whom

t, feel welcome to send me a message.