About me

My name is Teresa Kazimierczak. I draw abstract art and strange creatures. Anticipating some often asked questions – no – I don’t draw under influence of LSD or similar substances, and yes – I know these creatures aren’t real. Drawing, painting, and all other activities which cover empty spaces with pictures from my imagination fill my whole life. I have spent the last few years studying at The Academy of Fine Art in Kraków, where I improved my technique of filling empty spaces.


Why do I draw

I draw, because I don’t want all the ideas, pictures and emotions that sit in my head to disappear forever. Sometimes the act of painting is more important to me than the content which is being created. By drawing, I want to let you experience not only what’s being shown in my pictures, but also something that comes straight out of your subconsciousness when looking at my art.


For whom

Regardless of whether you are just looking for a subtle drawing to place on your shelf, or for a huge intense painting capable of dominating whole rooms which they are hung in, you should be able to find something for yourself here. I often work with interior designer, so if you have a very specific request, feel welcome to send me a message.